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Magneto Therapy

Magneto Therapy


Safe and non-invasive technique

Pioneering machine that uses magnetic therapy as a base to aid in curing, with ease, those ailments that interfere in our day to day.

The application of magnetotherapy in our body is a practice of alternative medicine that is also used for aesthetic purposes. The magnetic therapy acts on the cause that causes the problem. It is a safe, innocuous, non-invasive technique.

how does it work?

Our magnet therapy device generates a magnetic field, which in contact with our body, locates the “sick” cells and recharges them in a natural way so that they recover their functions, fighting in this way the signs of aging and pains.

 It is applied with great effectiveness in the field of aesthetics.

 It has an anti-aging effect, improves external appearance and physical shape, as well as brain activity. I also combats stress, insomnia and increases oxygenation.

Benefits of magnetotherapy

The effectiveness of MagnetoClinic is based on magnetotherapy, a technique that creates an electromagnetic field that recharges the lost energy of our body.

This reactivates our body, allowing it to defend itself naturally and more effectively. Studies and clinical experiences confirm that it is a harmless treatment that has no side effects and is obviously non-invasive.

Anti-inflammatory action
Tissue repair
Antalgic action (pain)
Anti-allergic action
Vasoactive action
Neuro-balancing action
Stimulating action of the nervous system

clinically proven for its effectiveness

Hector Faubel, motorcycle racer in the 125cc class, explains his sensations and the advantages of Magneto Clinic.